Users are different, so should be their tools!

Let your power users be more productive with the right apps for a fraction of the single vendor costs through our Hybrid Email formula.

Hybrid Email on 1 domain

Our messaging ecosystem makes a blend of the top cloud email and apps in hybrid mode on the same domain. We let your casual users enjoy powerful messaging apps. Your super users may innovate together with smart apps. Thanks to our multi-vendor platforms, you may become more productive while we help limit your costs to your usage. We connect public cloud email services like Rackspace Email to G-Suite, Office 365, Hosted Exchange or Amazon Workmail. Go Autopilot with us to start your email within 15 minutes.

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Apps on Managed Clouds

A digital enterprise of today uses tens to hundreds of apps. When a critical app goes down, you risk losing both money and trust. We take over any tasks from you to help install, configure, optimize, update, backup, recover, scale and secure your apps and databases. We then start watching processes, services and network every minute to take quick action when needed. Our Autopilot Apps offer exceptional user experiences for your employees, partners and clients. Go Autopilot with us to help run and safeguard your digital assets.

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