Managed Business Email by Rackspace for Total Peace of Mind

Rackspace Email is recommended for all starters and small businesses.

Webralli accelerates your transition to Rackspace Email, a secure and reliable managed business email service with integrated apps for contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and chats.

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Get enterprise class email and intelligent productivity apps to securely communicate with people and collaborate virtually with no borders. You may do your business freely, wherever you are, like working face-to-face.

worry-free managed business email

Worry not with reliable multi-platform filtering, scanning and optional archiving to protect from malicious attacks including spam, viruses, phishing, fraud, ransomware and forget any reputation or data loss.


We offer essential tools to meet elementary emailing needs cost efficiently and superior tools to boost productivity exclusively for super users.

Mailbox Space of 25 GB+

We provide 25 GB mailbox space for each user by default and it could be upgraded on demand to unlimited Hosted Exchange or Google G-Suite accounts.

14 Days of Mailbox Restore

Each user has their own mailbox restore feature under the web mail interface and users can selectively restore emails on the restore screen.

Email Archive for Peace of Mind

For every business, Intellectual property loss, compliance violations, audits and lawsuits are facts of life. Cloud email archiving delivers peace of mind by significantly reducing costs and risks.

Our Business plan includes unlimited email archiving powered by Sonian to protect your mailbox data for all users. Whenever needed your end users or backup admins can restore or export your messages and attachments using a powerful eDiscovery tool.

Improved Productivity

Rackspace is well known for its success in Managed Services and Fanatical Support offering an industry-leading 100% uptime guaranteee.

We reinforce Rackspace Email through our worldwide Anycast DNS service by Constellix, additional secure email gateway services and our hybrid emailing solutions.

Hybrid emailing enables sharing the same email domain with Gmail, Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 to let you selectively enable intelligent productivity apps for your super users to boost their productivity.

Rackspace Email Common Features

default features for all plans

  • You may start with a single user and scale up to unlimited space with 1000's of users.
  • You may use multiple business domains on a single mailbox to let you access all emails in one place.
  • You may use Andorid and iOS mobile devices and modern cross platform desktop apps like Mailspring or Outlook.
  • You may Allow or Deny access to Webmail, IMAP, POP and SMTP services for some or all users.
  • All mailbox backups are retained for 14 days and your users may restore deleted mails in webmail.

    We arm super users to get more productive with the right apps for a fraction of the single vendor costs.

    Rackspace Email

    limited time offer for starters


    Free Backup & Restore for the Last 14 Days

    Rackspace Email & Archive

    limited time offer for enterprises

    $4.50per month

    Unlimited Archive & Restore for Lifetime


    We make your transition to Rackspace Email as simple as counting from 1 to 3 with our Managed or Co-Managed Services.


    Find & Register & Set up your domains.

    We / You perform a quick start up service to develop a brand name and then find, register, transfer, host or just set up your domains. We help set up your DNS records including MX, SPF, DKIM and DMARC records.

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    Transition your users & move your data.

    We / You set up your mailboxes, aliases, groups & make the required client side configs - POP, IMAP, SMTP, Exchange and we move your data including messages, attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks & notes.

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    Apply best practices to get more value.

    We / You apply best practices and configure the setup to satisfy your user/business needs relating to hybrid emailing, aliases, groups, filtering, archiving, print servers, e-fax, & transactional / marketing emails.

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    We help you make it a sure thing to Go Autopilot smoothly with no questions left unanswered.

    We offer Free 14-Day No-Risk Trial of Rackspace Email that requires little to no work on your side. Anytime during your trial period, you may subscribe to a paid plan to continue using your services after the trial period is over or you may simply cancel your services by taking no action.
    Thanks to our enterprise class DNS services by Constellix or Dyn we are able to make DNS updates under 30 seconds. Our Managed Services let you shift to Autopilot mode while we take care of every task needed to activate your email services. Following your order, service activation usually takes 15 minutes or more depending on your configuration.
    The default mailbox storage limit is 25 GB for casual users. You may upgrade the default mailboxes for your super users to limited/unlimited Hosted Exchange or Gmail mailboxes with Google G-Suite. The file attachment size is limited to 50 MB with each email message on Rackspace Email.
    There is no limit in number of mailboxes, aliases and groups. Aliases support up to 4 external and unlimited internal recipients. Mail Groups support up to 250 external and unlimited internal recipients.
    The cost of each mailbox is USD 1.8 with Rackspace Email. Mobile Sync costs USD 0.9. Unlimited Email Archiving powered by Sonian costs USD 2.7. Unlimited Aliases, Groups, Forwarding, Daily Backup for 14 days and self-service Restore are included free for all users.
    We accept payments by all major credit cards through our PCI Level 1 certified payment processor. We also accept payments by wire transfers to our IBAN accounts in TRY, EUR or USD.
    Autopilot or in other name Managed Service covers all tasks beginning with planning the transition of your assets like Domains, DNS, Directory, Mailbox Data, Applications and Databases to our environment and ending with initializing your services by our transition team with zero downtime. Copilot or in other name Co-Managed Services excludes some of the tasks that you would prefer to handle on your end.


    Rackspace is the #1 and a leading managed cloud provider worldwide that has more than 300,000 customers worldwide, including two-thirds of the FORTUNE 100. The public history of Rackspace Email dates back to the beginning of 2000s and ever since then offers a cost efficient alternative to Microsoft Exchange.